«Soon, an IPCC on chemical pollution»

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Some forty scientists mobilize in order to create an international panel for analysing chemical pollution of envronment : Global Panel on Chemical Pollution of the Environment (GPCPE), based ont the IPCC model, reports the Journal de l’environnement.

Each battle has its acronyme. After the IPCC for the environment, and the IPBES for biodiversity, the GPCPE could become the future authority on the state and overview of the chemical pollution in the world. It is at least what are aiming some forty international researchers, whose project was presented on March 22. «As the climate change, tehe chemical pollution respects no frontier and multiplies damages on the environment, on the air, and also on water, ground, living creatures. But still, it is not taken into consideration by international politics», resumes Yves Lévi, professor on public health and environment at the farmacy university (Université Paris Sud), specialized in endocrine disruptors.  (…)

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