Ambition and project structure

The French National Water Academy wishes to contribute to the launch of an international campaign for the creation of this “International Panel on the Chemical Pollution of the Environment” (IPCPE)/ Groupe international d’étude de la pollution chimique de l’environnement (GIEPE-Chimie)

Decision-makers need objective information to take stock of the pollution and a forward-looking view of contamination levels and risks, both to be provided by a body of collective, independent, scientific and international expertise, which would issue a periodic report on the state of this major problem of planetary interest.

The scientists who will constitute this body will have to be supported by supranational bodies outside the influence of lobbies. They would devote themselves to the periodic publication of a report summarizing the international knowledge on the state of the chemical pollution of the environment: water, air, soils and biota (the living organisms) in terms of levels of contamination, geographical diversity, priority areas, calculation of discharged flows, list of priority molecules, as well as the ways and means available (analytical laboratories, international research programs, new molecules, standardized methods, international policies, youth training, results of accidental or voluntary pollutions, sanitation facilities….).

It will be up to the scientists to produce this report. It will be up to the decision makers and the public to take it on board.